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Submissions are made to, with the following information included in the e-mail:

– The name of the musical artist(s) and the representation

– Short bio of the artist(s)

– 16:9 friendly artist hi-res photo – preferably with a solid

– List of any tours, album/single releases and/or major appearances

– 2-3 MP3’s of the songs or video links of performances for the background the artist(s) will be promoting submitting artist(s)

The criteria to qualify for consideration is:

– The artist(s) must be originally from, living in, recording in, touring throughout, and/or performing in a major event in the Pacific Northwest

– The artist(s) must be promoting a new tour, album/single, television appearance, and/or major performance

– The artist(s) must be able and willing to waive any and all BMI/ASCAP/SESAC performance and sync rights

– The artist(s) must be able to perform one 3 minute long song/set that is “television friendly” – void of FCC banned language or hateful messaging

Things for the submitting act to consider before considering:

– Availability for booking – most shows tape on a Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday), and between musical sound-check, rehearsal and performance, can take from 1PM – 9:30PM with some breaks in the day – comedians call is generally at 4:40PM

– This is a non-paid, promotional performance

– A vinyl LP jacket or mock-up of such would be requested for presentation by the hosts in all musical introductions

– Most musical acts will be asked to perform either a pared-down, acoustic version of their song, or even a solo performance. Our hope is to offer a unique aspect of the songwriting that is distinguishably different from the album or other performances. Creative direction for this would be mutually decided between the artist(s)’ representative and the producers of Up Late nw

– The musical artist(s) generally perform at the end of the show. Due to the show’s content or the length of the song being performed, it may become necessary for the show to run credits over the end of the broadcast performance and play the song out to the conclusion of the show before the song concludes. Clipping songs is never our intention, and our hope is to showcase the entirety of the performance, but this is not always possible.